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(Italian painter, 1971)

In evidence
  • International visibility
  • His works have been shown in pretigious public institutions
  • Present in national and international art fairs
  • Included in Biennal of Milan, Florence and Turin
  • His works are in national and international private collections

«We love the shocking and original Andy’s art! “Andy’s pictures are stories summarized in a snapshot. They portray a magic world, where every character and every single thing seems to be frozen in the very moment they’re living the best of themselves. There’s sweetness in his stories. His painted images can inspire a peaceful happiness, even when his transformism is deliberately disturbing» (Red Ronnie)

Andy (Andrea Fumagalli) is an established artist born in Monza, Italy, in 1971.

A brilliant art student all through high school, he receives his formal training at Milan’s “Accademia delle Arti Applicate”, specializing in illustration and graphic designing.

Inspired by traditional Italian arts and “pop” culture, seduced by the idea that there’s also room for underground arts, Andy develops a personal painting code, based on the dramatic use of fluorescent acrili colours marked by clear borders. These last ones aimed at combining pictures and persectives in an unconventional way.

“At inspirational level, I consider myself a surrealist painter in the way that I pursue an inner sight where even a TV picture, is always a consequence of oneiric codes”.

Andy paints well known icons from art, music, movie, fashion, as well as icons from cartoons, re-photographing them in a new context driven by personal memories in order to explore the multiple choices of portraying the everyday life.

Andy strengthens his vivid painting code throughout years applying it also on design objects, fabrics, music instruments, so developing a widely International career through personal and collective art exhibitions, that lead him to work also for brand such as Coveri, Carlsberg, Iceberg, Redbull, Fiat, Nodis, Too Late, Uki, Valtur, Custo Barcellona, Gherardini e Galileo.

Andy is also an eclectic musician. In the early 90s, h eco-founds the MTV winner band “Bluvertigo” where he composes, plays saxophones, synths, keyboards and sings backing vocals. A live record and a “greatest hits” get also ublished, keeping him busy in the pro-musician whirlwind of tours, interviews and TV appearances for several years, and still today.

A sharp observer of the contemporary music scene, he works composing soundtracks, producing new bands, presenting music shows on national TV and radio stations, and playing his interesting alternative electro minimal 80s/ new-wave DJ sets all over Italy.

In 2005 Andy founds FLUON factory, his Headquarters and creative centre. FLUON holds in its name Andy’s way of life and through creation: “FLU” as in FLUorescence, but also as in inFLUence, two elements to both spread out and receive in a non-stop flow and constant “ON” mode.


  • Beese

    Beese, 2016

    cm 60x60x4, Original Fluoacrylic painting on canvas

    2,400.00 EUR

  • Xfuture

    Xfuture, 2013

    cm 70x100x4, Original fluoacrylic painting on canvas

    3,400.00 EUR

  • Eclissi d'umore

    Eclissi d'umore, 2012

    cm 70x50x4, Original fluoacrylic painting on canvas

    2,400.00 EUR

  • Remembering

    Remembering, 2015

    cm 80x80x4, Original fluoacrylic painting on canvas

    3,200.00 EUR