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Arven Florence

Arven Florence

(Paris, 1952)

In evidence
  • International visibility
  • Her works have been shown in France and abroad
  • Her works are in national and international collections


“There is pleasing strength and solidity about Arven’s works. She has an enormous gift for the development of plasticità within a painting, and yet, the sense of colour is almost lyrical… Emeralds warm themselves near vermilions with wild shimmering. The house-tops never distract from the exquisite sensitivity of landscapes or calm candor of the atmosphere. Florence Arven, in preservating this alloyage of virtues, is an artist of a native freshness who harmonizes her tecnique with the art of silence”

Florence Arven is a French painter who was born in 1952. The daughter of acclaimed artist Yolande Ardissone and Jacques Eitel,  Arven followed in her parents’ path choosing a career that would allow her an opportunity to express her creative abilities. She studied at the University of L’Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris and received a degree in plastic arts. She grew up surronded by artists and their works, and soon was recognized as one of France’s most promising young painters partecipating in the Salon des Artists Français, the Salon de la Société Nationale des Beaux Arts, the Salon de la Marine and the Salon de la Nouvelle Ile de France, where she was awarded the “Prix de l’Espoir” (The Price of Hope). She exhibited iternationally, in the United States, Sweden, Italy, Japan, England.

  • Le ronces fleuries

    Le ronces fleuries

    cm 46x55, Original oil painting on canvas

    1,200.00 EUR

  • Terrasseau bord du Grand Canal

    Terrasseau bord du Grand Canal

    cm 90x116, Original oil painting on canvas

    1,850.00 EUR

  • Village Grec

    Village Grec

    cm 73x92, Original oil painting on canvas

    1,650.00 EUR

  • Champeaux


    cm 60x73x2, Original oil painting on canvas

    1,300.00 EUR