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Eitel Jacques

Eitel Jacques

(France, 1926 - 2007)

In evidence
  • International visibility
  • His works have been shown in pretigious public institutions
  • His works are in national and international private collections
  • His works are in national public collections
  • His works have been acquired by a French museum
  • Has received prizes and recognition

“Eitel is a master who conveys to us through his subtle and harmonious compositions his Joie de vivre as well as his quiet dreams. Eitel’s vision is that af a poet-painter”

Born in Paris in 1926, from an Alsatian family, Jacques Eitel was a professor of painting at Paris University.

He began studying at evening school and emerged at the end of 1945 from celebrated “Ecol Boulle”, as a wood sculptor. He, then, studied at the Art Academy and began painting. In 1946, he exhibited for the first time at Montparnasse 80 Salon. He obtains the Odilon Lesur Adrian Prize. Since then, he was partecipated in the big Parisian salons. During the following years, he travelled to Provence, Italy and Spain.

He married Yolande Ardissone, herself now a famous artist, in 1950, and in 1952, their daughter Florence was born. Herself also a well established painter now.

Eitel has also been involved in film making and won a third prize in a National amateur contest in 1951, and, two years later, produced a short color movie: "La Chanson de Roland" for children.

The following years saw him travelling to London, Venice, New York, Greece, Turkey, Portugal, both for exhibitions and for visits. He won the “Prix de Monmatre”, the medal of Honour at the Salon de la Marine, and was elected  in 1957 a Committee member of the Salon de la Jeune Peinture. He began as an established artist in a gallery in Texas, USA, in 1973, and since then exhibited every year in prestigious galleries in USA.

Critics have spoken about his fine landscapes bathed in light and color and his intuitive grasp of the simplicity of Nature.

The French Government and the City of Paris acquired some of his works.

Jacques Eitel won many awards and his works are also represented at the French Navy Museum. Of corse, most of his paintings are now belonging to private collections, in France and all over the world.

Jacques died in 2007.


  • La Mandrague-Cote d'Azur

    La Mandrague-Cote d'Azur

    cm 65x81, Original oil painting on canvas

    1,700.00 EUR

  • Gratadis Cote d'Azur

    Gratadis Cote d'Azur

    cm 60.5x73, Original oil painting on canvas

    1,400.00 EUR

  • Ancolies


    cm 73x92, Original oil painting on canvas

    1,700.00 EUR