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Tirinnanzi Nino

Tirinnanzi Nino

(Italian painter, 1923 - 2002)

In evidence
  • Among the great Italian masters of the Second Half of the 20th Century
  • His works have been shown in pretigious public institutions
  • Included in a Venice Biennal
  • Included in a Rome Quadriennal
  • His works are in public e private collections, in Italy and abroad
  • Reviewed by authoritative critics, art historians, poets and writers

Nino Tirinnanzi was born in Greve in Chianti (Florence), on 11 August 1923. From a wealthy family, from early childhood he had as a human and cultural guide Domenico Giuliotti, a companion of Giovanni Papini in initiatives that have left their mark in the literary history of the Italian twentieth century. Nino Tirinnanzi studied at the Art Institute of Florence until October 1936, the year in which he met Ottone Rosai, from which he immediately became a student. Together with his teacher, still a teenager, he meets in famous places haunted by poets, writers and intellectuals such as the "Giubbe Rosse", where he knows, among others, Eugenio Montale, Carlo Emilio Gadda, Tommaso Landolfi, Mario Luzi, Elio Vittorini, Alfonso Gatto, Alessandro Parronchi, Vasco Pratolini, Mario Tobino.

With the outbreak of the Second World War, he was called to arms and sent to Rhodes; during the German occupation of the island he flees to Turkey, then moves to Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, stopping in Egypt, where he finally stops and manages to resume work long suspended until the repatriation in 1946. Since then the successes in painting and drawing follow one another continuously. In fact, Nino Tirinnanzi was invited to all the most important public exhibitions held in Italy in the late twentieth century. For this purpose, his participation in the Venice Biennale and the Rome Quadrennial as well as the numerous awards at the "Fiorino" prize are worth a mention.

His friendship with Sandro Penna and Pier Paolo Pasolini belong to the period when he stayed in Rome, between the Sixties and the early Seventies, as well as the attendance of the many painters and intellectuals met at the "Caffè Greco". For many summers, at his residence at Forte dei Marmi, he has as his friend and primary interlocutor the Nobel Eugenio Montale. On one of his journeys to London, he met Francis Bacon.

Many important public and private collections, both in Italy and abroad, host his works. The last major exhibitions, in Florence, in Palazzo Vecchio in May 2006 entitled "Nino Tirinnanzi, Sixty Years of Painting 1940-2000"; in Rome, at the Chiostro del Bramante, in October 2014 entitled "Nino Tirinnanzi. Wonders of nature"; in Florence, at the Pitti Palace Modern Art Gallery in May 2015 entitled "Nino Tirinnanzi. Metaphysics of Beauty".

Nino Tirinnanzi died in Greve in Chianti on December 9, 2002.


  • Paesaggio grevigiano

    Paesaggio grevigiano, 1960

    cm 70.5x101.5, Original oil painting on board

    10,500.00 EUR

  • Casolare

    Casolare, 1962

    cm 48x66, Original oil painting on hardboard

    4,800.00 EUR

  • Amici alla panchina

    Amici alla panchina, 1966

    cm 49x73, Original watercolor painting on paper/board

    4,600.00 EUR

  • Il piano (Ragazzi nella piazzetta)

    Il piano (Ragazzi nella piazzetta), 1968-69

    cm 50x70, Original oil painting on canvas

    4,800.00 EUR

  • Strada di campagna

    Strada di campagna, 1973

    cm 49.4x69.7, Original oil painting on paper/hardboard

    4,700.00 EUR

  • Casolare nel Chianti

    Casolare nel Chianti, 1979

    cm 24.7x34.7

    2,700.00 EUR

  • Incontro di ragazzi

    Incontro di ragazzi, 1988

    cm 20x30, Original oil painting on canvas panel

    2,300.00 EUR