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Martini Norberto

Martini Norberto

(Florence, Italy, 1940 - 2007)

In evidence
  • International visibility
  • His works have been shown in Italy and abroad
  • His works are in national and international private collections

“In his painting an irrepressible dynamic energy involves characters, things, decorative elements and the environment”

Norberto Martini was born in Florence in 1940. He studied music in Palermo and after a short experience in Opera singing, he decided to devote himself entirely to painting. In 1969 he started his artistic career with his first solo exhibition, to which many other went on through the years in  Italy but also abroad, as in USA and Libanon. He attracted many art lovers and collectors from all over the world that were fascinating by his fantasy and his unique style. His painting was lively in the colours, but also in the line, an irrepressible energy sprimgs from his art.

He passed away in 2007. His works are in many private and public collections all over the world.

  • Il paesaggio dell'anima

    Il paesaggio dell'anima, 1995

    cm 70x120, Oil on canvas

  • Sogno per un viaggio

    Sogno per un viaggio, 2005

    cm 80x40, Original oil painting on canvas

  • Giochi nel parco

    Giochi nel parco, 1993 c.a.

    cm 80x60, Oil on canvas

  • Scena di paese

    Scena di paese

    cm 40x80, Original oil painting on canvas

  • Canal Grande

    Canal Grande

    cm 50x100, Original oil painting on canvas

  • Chierichetti


    cm 50x70, Original oil painting on canvas

  • Velieri e figure

    Velieri e figure

    cm 50x70, Original oil painting on canvas

  • Garibaldini


    cm 70x100, Original oil painting on canvas

  • Battaglia


    cm 20x55, Original oil painting on wood

  • Campagna


    cm 18x24, Oil on wood

    450.00 EUR

  • Figura


    cm 40x30

  • Fienagione

    Fienagione, 1968

    cm 50x70, Original oil painting on canvas