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De Lucchi Ottorino

De Lucchi Ottorino

(Italy, 1951)

In evidence
  • International visibility
  • His works have been shown in pretigious public institutions
  • Included in Venice Biennals
  • His works are in national and international private collections
  • Present in national and international art fairs

"Ottorino’s paintings leave behind a sensation that is hard to describe…  his works make us feel at home, and the silence of his paintings nourishes the spirit, for days to come" (Alberto Buffetti)

Born in Ferrara in 1951.

During his life he has always maintained his passion for art, sharing it with his profession as a Chemist at università, above all during long periods abroad far away from his family. So, he had the possibilità to improve his knowledge of materials and pictorial techniques on which he holds a course at University Ca’ Foscari of Venice in the Degree of Preservation and Restauration.

During his stay in the United States he met and closely observed the work of Andrew Wyeth, becoming keen on the technique and virtuosità of his Paintings, defined as drybrush. Having only this information, he started a series of experimentations which led hm to the indipendent development of an original technique, both in the execution an d subjects. The technique uses watercolour paintings, where the connection between pigment-binder is optimal both in what concerns transparency and the brightness and the luminosità of the colours. The pictorial texture obtained using indifferently brusche, paper and fabrics is particurarly appropriate to decribe the surface of still life and landescapes. The veils and the applications of colour obtained, both directly and through careful removal of colour, permit results that can’t be obtained using other painting techniques. He has been invited many times to illustrate his technique to Academies and Art institutes; he has been asked to describe in a tutorial his executive method, available free o the principal International web sites about painting techniques (,,,, etc.).


  • Alchechengi

    Alchechengi, 2023

    cm 25.5x36.5, Original Watercolor drybrush painting on wood

  • Inizi di primavera

    Inizi di primavera, 2023

    cm 40x30, Original watercolor drybrush painting on wood

  • Un fiore

    Un fiore, 2023

    cm 40x40, Original Watercolor drybrush painting on wood

  • Sera di fine estate

    Sera di fine estate, 2017

    cm 30x40, Original watercolor drybrush painting on wood

    3,200.00 EUR