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Batoni Sandra

Batoni Sandra

(Italian painter, 1953 - 2017)

In evidence
  • Her works are in national and international private collections
  • Her works have been shown in Italy and aboad
  • Has received prizes for her painting

«In her pintings the objects assume centrality; they come to light as they appear, without any narratological or celebratory intent. They appear with all their intrusive presence and their materiality, with their silent and quiet language. Her objects are made for pure contemplation» (Giuseppe Andreani)

Sandra Batoni was born in Florence in 1953. In 1973 she started to attend the studio of painter Emanuele Cavalli, one of the founders of the “Roman School”, being later his assistant at the Nude School of the Fine Arts Academy in Florence, where she was appointed as professor in 1997. In 1982 she graduated in architecture at the University of Florence. Her artistic work always moved along in the figuratie field, with a special interest for XX century italian painting. After graduating in architecture, realizing a conscious and tough cultural choice, she took the challenge of comparing with that period's masters back. Colour became the true protagonist of her paintings, in which she developed two main topics: “feminine figure” and “still life”, adding in 2007 the “landscape”. Still lives posess vivid colours, metaphysical atmospheres and a precious pictorial execution. Feminine figures are young women or impatient to grow up teenagers, unaware and at the very same time conscious of their beauty. They stand in quiet interiors, sometimes enlightened by a warm artificial light. Landscapes are created from life drawings, later worked out following the memory and emotions map that “life” provoked.

She collaborated with some important italian galleries and exhibited in Italy but also abroad. She passed away unexpectedly in 2017.


1975 Galleria “Città di Massa”

1975 Galleria “Le Muse”, Bari

1976 Galleria “Guelfa”, Firenze

1980 “Istituto Stensen”, Firenze

1981 “Libreria delle Donne”, Firenze

1982 Installazione di “Un autobus dipinto” nel bus-terminal della Fortezza di Firenze

1987 “Syracuse University”, Firenze

1993 Florence Dance Center, Firenze 

1994 Lyceum, Firenze

1996 Galleria Comunale di Cesenatico (Fo) 

1997 Galleria Corarte, Cisterna di Latina (Lt) 

1998 Hotel Mont Blanc di La Salle, Mogex 

2000 Expo Arte, Bari 

2005 Galleria Parronchi, Milano


1977 “IX biennale Arte e Sport”, Firenze

1993 Expo Arte – Montichiari, Udine, Padova 

1994 Sala d’Armi Buondelmonti, Impruneta (FI) 

1995 Expo Arte – Bologna 

1995 In visita allo studio di Gino Severini, Montespertoli(Fi) 

1997 Convento di S.Francesco di San Miniato (Pi) 

1997 Galleria Comunale di Montespertoli (Fi) 

1997 Inter art galerie Reich di Colonia, Germania 

1997Galleria Civica di Suzzara (Mn) 

1997 “Omaggio a Caruso”, Lastra a Signa (Fi)

2001 Inter art galerie Reich di Colonia, Germania 

2002 Fornace PasquinuccI, Montelupo Fiorentino (FI) 

2003 Rassegna d’arte fra neofigurazione e citazionismo “Di Nuovo”, Limonaia di Villa Strozzi, Comune di Firenze

2003 Galleria della “Toho Art Corporation”, Tokio

2004 Galleria della “Toho Art Corporation”, Tokio

2005 Galleria della “Toho Art Corporation”, Tokio

2005 Inter art galerie Reich di Colonia, Germania

2006 Galleria della “Toho Art Corporation” di Tokio

2007 Archivio di Stato, Firenze

2008 Auditorium Diocleziano, Comune di Lanciano


1973 Premio Santhià, Cassa di Risparmio Vercelli-Santhià, Vercelli 

1998 Premio per la pittura “Il Fiorino d’Oro”, Firenze


1975 A.M. Landi, Sandra Batoni, Massa. 

1975 A.M. Landi, Sandra Batoni, Bari. 

1977 Sandra Batoni, Firenze. 

1980 V. Corti, Sandra Batoni, Istituto Stensen, Firenze. 

1993 Catalogo Mostra Mercato di Arte, Montechiari, Brescia. 

1993 Catalogo Mostra Mercato, Padova. 

1994 V. Corti – N. Fusco, Batoni, Firenze. 

1997 Catalogo XXXVII Premio Suzzara, Suzzara. 

1997 Catalogo XVI Premio Firenze, Firenze. 

1997 G. Andreani, Le Nature Silenziose di S.Batoni, monografia, Firenze

1999 Catalogo Farsetti Arte, Prato. 

2000 Catalogo Mostra Mercato d’Arte, Bari. 

2005 AA.VV., Il Novecento di Sandra Batoni, Firenze



  • Natura morta con frutta e vaso

    Natura morta con frutta e vaso

    cm 70x70, Original oil painting on canvas

    2,300.00 EUR

  • Vassoio invetriato

    Vassoio invetriato

    cm 40x60, Original oil painting on wood

    1,800.00 EUR