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(Florence, Italy, 1985)

In evidence
  • His works have been shown in Italy and abroad
  • His works are in public collections
  • Has received awards


Born in Florence in 1985 and grew up in nearby subusbs, Francesco Forconi, aka SKIM, as discovered as a child his passion for art, charmed as many by the sirens of the artistic phenomenon born in the 70s in New York: the graffitism. The stories of the fathers of this movement, from Taki 183 to Banksy, have inspired his artistic studies, but following the story of Skim in not easy. We are talking of a young artist very eclectic, raised between art school and the street; during this time he has learned to express himself as a painter, graffiti artist, illustrator and graphic designer. Skim reveils a sensitivity in the use of bright and catchy colours possessed by few, as well as his technique: perfect combination of old school and innovation, which clearly defines his style: ironic, caustic and poetic. With his “puppets” and his “Chaos” he interprets stories and situations, analyzes the everyday life and turn sit into graffiti, on walls and canvas, surprising the viewer with the contrast between the explosion of colour of his works and the message, never banal, he wants to convey. Skim represent a different art, attractive and pleasant to look at, and with his motto “in color we trust” he’s making his way with exhibitions and performances o National and International level.



Galleria Chiavacci - Florence, Italy

Capoliveri skimmata - Museo del Mare - Capoliveri, Italy

AFFORDABALE art fair - Super Studio Più - Milan, Italy


COLLETTIVA - Galo Art Gallery - Turin, Italy

Point of View - Art Moor House - London, UK

Skim in Pinocchio's world - Museo Parco di Pinocchio - Collodi, Italy


Skim - Palazzo Bardi - Vernio, Italy

Graffito - Meyer ediatric Hospital - Florence, Italy


Skim - Spedale Sant'Antonio - Lastra a Signa, Italia


Lasciamo il segno - Rho Fair - Rho, Milan, Italy

Skim - Palazzo Malaspina - San Donato in Poggio, Italy

Vernice Art Fair - Forli, Italy

Florence ARt Biennal - Forteza da Basso - Florence, Italy


Graffito New York - Queens, New York - 5ptz - New York, US


Marilyn, l'arte nel mito - Palazzo Albertini - Forlì, Italy

Skim at Giubbe Rosse / Giubbe Rosse - Florence, Italy

Permanent Collections


Permanent graffito at Siena's Hospital - Siena, Italy


Permanent graffito Omaggio a Pinocchio, Collodi, Italia


Palazzo Bardi - Vernio, Italia


Art Hotel - Prato, Italia


Skim Villa Carusso, Italia



Senatore Accademia Medicea Laurenziana - Collare Laurenziano- Firenze, Italia


Premio Amico di Pinocchio - Winner - Collodi, Italia


Vernice Art Fair - Second prize - Forlì, Italia


Miglior giovane artista della toscana - First prize - Firenze, Italia


Premio ACI - Automobile Club Italia - Firenze - Honorable mention


  • Dov'è la strada per le stelle

    Dov'è la strada per le stelle, 2020

    cm 100x100x3.5, Original acrylic painting on canvas

  • Partire per poi ritornare

    Partire per poi ritornare, 2019

    cm 100x100x3.5, Original acrylic painting on wood

  • In the night

    In the night, 2019

    cm 100x150x3.5, Original acrylic painting on canvas

  • Inside my soul

    Inside my soul, 2019

    cm 100x100x3.5, Original acrylic painting on canvas

  • Kaos flying

    Kaos flying, 2018

    cm 100x100x3.5, Original acrylic painting on canvas

  • Astrale

    Astrale, 2019

    cm 50x70x2, Original acrylic painting on canvas

  • Little birds on a walk

    Little birds on a walk, 2019

    cm 50x70x2, Original acrylic painting on canvas

  • Ciò che siamo stati non saremo più

    Ciò che siamo stati non saremo più, 2019

    cm 80x100x3.5, Original acrylic painting on canvas

  • It's a small world

    It's a small world, 2019

    cm 80x80x3.5, Original acrylic painting on canvas