Procopio Pino

PINO PROCOPIO: Terre di Siena

FLORENCE ART GALLERY presents a solo show of the Italian artist Pino Procopio, titled “Terre di Siena”. The exhibition takes place in Siena, at MAGAZZINI DEL SALE, PALAZZO PUBBLICO, IL CAMPO 1. On display from January 14 to March 12, more than thirty artworks: paintings and scultures. The show is organised under the patronage of the City of Siena and the Tuscany Region. 

In Procopio’s work, going back to the past and to the myths is a creative need that gives sense to reality and rebuilds a place in fantasy that is deeper than reality; it sets the scenes for daydreaming, with echoes and majesty. His work is a sequence of stories, dreams, miracles, appearances; an imaginary theater able to embrace infinite chords, secret harmonies, diverse colors and emotions. As the artist points out: “I selected the main characters of my stories extracting them from myths, stories, tales, movies, books, and daily life. It was like catching a train to go on a journey: the fun doesn’t lie only in traveling, but in organizing the journey, in creating it; that’s how my stories work”. 


The exhibition’s curator writes: “Pino Procopio’s art is a fantastic, educated and elegant style that looks into the future but is well aware of our roots, history, myths and tales. His work shows a subtle irony allowing a vision of the world with the eyes of an artist able to see beyond, to glance at the place where darkness thickens and mystery permeates the images”. 

The exhibited works are on sale at FLORENCE ART GALLERY. Information: - Tel. 055 284166 -

About the artist

Pino Procopio is a painter, sculptor and illustrator from Italy, an exponent of the representational art. Artistic studies started at the art school of Catanzaro, but completed in Rome, where in 1982 he graduated in Architecture at the University “La Sapienza”. He is one of the most important Italian painters on the contemporary scene, inspired by an inexhaustible imagination. In 2002 he made the painting for the poster of the “World Book and Copyright Day” organised by UNESCO. In 2003 the government monopolies commissioned him a painting that had to be put on the ticket of the European Lottery. In 2004 he made the painting that will be placed on the ticket of Lotteria Italia. In 2005 the Ministry of Communications promoted one of his exhibitions in Rome, about the evolution of the Italian postal service in 100 years of history. In 2008, in Rome, the Boncompagni-Ludovisi museum of the “Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea” (GNAM) organised “Ulisse, scene di un viaggio”. In the 2014 the Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea” (GNAM) invited him to take part in the collective exhibition CORPORATE ART, which aims to represent the combination of art and industrial customers.

In 2017, with the patronage of UNESCO and MIUR, the exhibition “Baadaye, Pinocchio d’Africa” took place. It was a new modern version of the story of Pinocchio, linked to the tragedy of immigration.

In 2019, with the sponsorship of the Polo Museale della Puglia, he is invited to take part in the collective exhibition on the artist's book "Artist's Books. The art to read".

In 2019 the municipality of Ascoli Piceno commissioned him the realisation of the prestigious “Palio della Quintana” of the historical August joust.